Why we need a biofoodies group

Colin Austin  3 Dec 2019 © Creative commons this document may be reproduced but the source should be acknowledged

For thousands of years life has been getting better, we live longer, are fitter, taller and stronger and we have gradually been overcoming infectious diseases. The graph of quality of life has been steadily going up.

This all comes from technology, sewage systems, fresh water, advances in medical and food technology etc.

But about fifty years ago the graph started to flatten and about twenty years ago started to drop. We are no longer living longer, on average we are becoming fatter and suffering from a range of  non infectious or chronic diseases like diabetes, and dementia and people in old age are become less healthy and infirm.

Technology is having a dramatic impact on human society. It is self evident that technology should work for the benefit of humanity as a whole and is equally self evident that this is not universally true, it is creating a society in which a handful of people, the top executives and share holders of mega corporations are becoming excessively rich while a significant proportion of the general population are going backwards.

I am an innovator in new technology, I was recently acknowledge by the Institute of Engineers as one of Australia’s top one hundred leading innovators for my pioneering work on computer aided engineering – which literally changed an industry.

But I believe that those of us who have had the good luck to be born with an innovative mind and create new technologies have a responsibility to ensure that technology works for the benefit of the human community as a whole, not an already rich few.

I now focus my technical capabilities to study and experiment with how we grow our food affects our health. Our guts form part of an intelligent control system which manages our body. When healthy it instructs our bodies to store just the right amount of fat as a food reserve. Modern diets high in sugars and fats and low in essential nutrients and biology confuse our control system so they send instructions to store excess fat in the wrong places like our organs and brains leading to diabetes and dementia.

We now have the technology to grow food to restore our gut biology but that is not enough. We need to develop an alternative food distribution systems. You can read about my plans for setting up this alternative food distribution system by clicking here for details groups