The story of the paradigm shift for food for health

Feed our brains, our head brain and our gut brain and they will look after us.

Getting started

Dietary advice can appear to be totally confusing with so many different opinions low fat, low carb, low meat, low eggs etc.

One reason for this lack of clarity is that we are simply all different. Some people will never get fat and sick whatever they eat while other go to extreme lengths to avoid putting on weight.

Then to confuse matters even more we have the blue zones where people have no knowledge or interest in weird diets yet are fit and healthy to a ripe old age.

They have no idea of the importance of trace minerals like zinc, chromium, selenium or iodine, neither do they think about their gut biology. They just have nutritious soil by recycling and composting all their waste and picking and eating their vegetables without delay.

This must tell us something.

How do we make sense of all this?

We could read Dr. Mosconi’s book about brain food or any of the many other books on brain and gut health.

It then becomes clear that we have an inbuilt control system in our head and guts which regulate how much and what we eat. It has worked perfectly for millions of years.

People in the blue zones are fit and healthy into their nineties because they are feeding their guts and brains food which is healthy for guts and brains so they have no need to think about diet, their brains systems naturally regulate what they eat.

Conversely the reason why we have such a health crisis in so called advanced countries is because we are eating a diet which is incredibly harmful to our guts and brains.

Because our head and gut brains are not being fed healthy food and our diet is lacking essential minerals our control system goes into panic mode and we develop almost irresistible food cravings – so we go and eat more sugary fatty foods.

We try and fix this by restrictive diets when we should be feeding our gut and head brains the food they need.

The solution is to focus on eating food that will make our guts and brains healthy and stop worrying about weighing our food to the nearest grams to control the calorie intake.

The easiest and most convenient food to feed our guts and brains is the Gbiota green smoothie made by simply harvesting fresh greens using the tipping system, making it taste good by adding a little fruit and some herbs and spices and see if this can restore our gut and brain health so our bodies self regulate.

This does not involve any major change in the foods we have learned to love, even if they are unhealthy. We just drink a smoothie before and while we eat our normal food and simply see if our natural control system cuts in to regulate what and how much we want to eat.

Will it work every time? We simply don’t know as everyone is different but it is so simple and easy to do that it should be the first step in improving health by diet.

If it does not give the desired results then we have to adopt the more complex systems of changing our diets to restore our gut and brain health.

Why is the gbiota green smoothie so effective?

When we eat the normal modern high sugar diet our blood sugar level rise. Our bodies sense the high sugar levels and squirt out insulin which allows the sugar to enter our cells and reduce the dangerously high sugar levels. This is our intelligent bodies doing its job.

The blood sugar levels drop, as intended but there is still insulin in the system so we experience what engineers call overshoot and is really the result of the excessively high sugar levels our bodies have not evolved to cope with.

As our blood sugar levels now drop below normal we get sugar cravings and want to eat more sugary food so we end up in an unstable cycle with our blood sugar levels swinging from too high to too low in a totally unstable way.

Eventually we become so used to insulin that it stops being effective and we have insulin resistance which is the start of the slippery slope to serious diabetes.

But the vegetables in a green smoothie act as sugar blockers which slow the rate of sugar entering our blood stream so they act as a sort of damper bringing stability to the system.

But we are eating sugary food in the first place because our gut biology has adapted to a high sugar levels and so the sugar loving bugs have become dominant in our guts making us want to eat more sugary food.

But when we consume the veggie smoothies on a regular basis the veggie loving bugs in our guts gradually out-compete the sugar loving bugs so we just stop craving sugary foods.

Once we have changed our gut biology we no longer have to adopt strict diets we just have to listen to what our healthy gut biology is telling us.

The biggest mistake the diet industry has made is to think of the human body as just a bunch of dumb bio-chemistry when in reality it is an intelligent system.

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