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Do we really want our kids to grow up fat and diabetic, mums need to be eating food that feeds their gut biology, that’s what this web site is all about.

Humans are the most successful creature on the face of the earth. There are 7.9 billion of us, because of our intelligence. Our tools and technology are only part of the story, we also work cooperatively together for our mutual benefit. At least most of the time.

 The internet and our TV screens are the wonder innovation of our time. By providing the public with access to the vast pool of world knowledge they should be creating equality throughout our society. And in the early days of the internet they certainly were. But no longer, they have become the centre of deception with manipulative promotions to sell product that don’t provide any benefits for the bulk of us humans – just benefiting a few already rich people.

 No where is this more true than in food, despite years of advancement in medical science leading to a steady increase in life span we are now actually dying younger and worse become decrepit and infirm in our old age. Diabetes, dementia and obesity are everywhere and the health epidemic have been described as the black death of the twenty first century.

The web has created a culture of instant gratification – just pop a pill, gobble down an energy bar or get stuck into a pre-made or fast food meal.  The modern health epidemic is man made based on the myth of instant gratification.

It is an inconvenient truth but if we want to be healthy we have to eat food that will make us healthy, and that includes food that will feed our gut biota. Health begins in the soil. On this web you I explain how to grow food that will feed your gut biota. I explain how to make Gbiota beds which were developed specifically to feed you gut biota.

My article ‘Truth’ talks about how to know what is true or a con.

I explain how you can make them and grow your own food yourself or how to create food group of biofoodies, to persuade a local farmer to grow for you – and it will probably cost you less than the food you are currently buying.

You don’t need to give up delicious food but you do have to feed your gut biota. With a healthy gut you will probably find that you no longer crave food and can forget about sticking to those diets that never work long term.

But there is no instant gratification – whether you grow you own food or form a biofoodie group takes a bit of effort. That’s simply the truth and no clever marketing can disguise the truth.

 I have spent my life in technology and innovation and believe it can bring great benefits for humanity but the way it is being misused is creating the sort of world which I, and more importantly I want my grandchildren  to live in.

 I was recently selected by the Institute of Engineers as one of the top one hundred innovators in Australia for my pioneering work on computer aided engineering. Now lets be clear – being a successful innovator is not just about having a brilliant mind, in fact I have a mental defect – I have a terrible memory. My spelling is awful, my grammar can best be described as creative.

 At school I was terrible at languages but good at science by a simple trick. I learned that if you really understood the basic underlying principles you simply did not have to memorise all that mass of facts – you could just derive them from the underlying principles.

But by really trying to understand the basic principles you sometimes see that they are just not really true – you end up becoming a paradigm buster which is what innovation is really all about.

And nowhere is this more true than in food. What we are told about food, particularly by the mega corporations, is not just not true – it is damaging our health, making us decrepit and infirm in old age and making us die young.

This web site is my attempt to change that. There is a lot of information on this web which is the result of my thinking about food, how we grow it and how it affects our health.

I have been writing articles about food for many years now but I have tried to arrange them in a logical sequence so you can follow my thinking.

 I am sorry, I am not a marketing wiz kid coming up with magic three word punch phrases, if you want to follow my thinking and appreciate my findings there is just no alternative to doing a bit of reading and thinking yourself. It is all for free and I have solution which if you are into gardening you can do yourself and if not you can get a local grower to do for you, you will need to pay him – but probably less than what you are paying already for the pseudo food you are already buying.

But I am not your mummy, if you want to go onto the internet and buy magic pills and potions, either with a long chemical name or from some secret herb coming from the remote jungles of the Amazon or the heights of the Himalayas that’s your choice. It’s your money you are wasting – not mine.

But if you can do the grunt work of studying the articles on this web I am here to help.

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The most important article shows how we need to rethink food.  It tells the story of our evolution in a simple but hiopefully entertaning way – it is called Food for Health 21 Dec 2019 and you can access is here as a .pdf


The other articles are short posts starting with truth which talks about the benefits and dangers of modern technology. They are arranged in what is hoped is a useful reading order with a link to the bottom of the page to the next article or you can simply follow the sequence in the food for health menu items.

The most recent articles are in the menu item posts with the latest at the top.

Happy reading and I hope you find it enlightening.

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