Victory gardens for Auntie Maud

Colin Austin © 17 Jan 2020 this document is in the public domain under the creative commons system, you are not just welcome, you are encouraged to share it with anyone and everyone but the source should be acknowledged.

Who was Auntie Maud?

Sad to say Auntie Maud has long, long departed from this world. But she was a remarkable person – she would go out into her garden wearing her slippers, pinafore and hair net. I say wearing but I think that they had long merged into her skin.

Yes, she was a real person, (but I have changed her name out of respect). Despite the poverty in which she lived she was one of the happiest and kindest person I have ever met in the whole of my life.

I get angry about the way a few wealthy people manipulate the truth for their benefit leading to health and climate catastrophes. But not Auntie Maud, if she were alive today.

She never got angry and would have quietly set about growing healthy vegetables for the people suffering from the bush fires with a smile on her face.

We all have a lot to learn from Auntie Maud. Here is the story of how she would have coped with the bush fires, the technical facts are just that – facts. The story is fiction and any resembles to myself and my sister is pure coincidence – a statement about as true as that climate change has nothing to do with the current bush fire crisis.

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