Gbiota food for gut health

Gbiota bed – health from diet


The Gbiota bed growing system was developed to provide an alternative to the high fat and sugar, low nutrient modern foods system which is leading to major health issues. It is a system of growing fruit and vegetables in nutrient rich biologically active soil with a balanced concentration of essential trace minerals.

It aims to help restore our gut biology which form part of our intelligent control systems which manages our hunger and how much and where we store fat.

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Storing fat in the wrong places is leading to the major health epidemic of diabetes, obesity (which leads to heart disease) and dementia. The most effective way of reversing these diseases is by changing diet to include nutritious fruit and vegetables and is by far the most cost effective.

The food, drug, pills and potions and medical industries are highly profitable multi billion dollar operations which benefit financially from the current health epidemic and overall are probably doing more harm than good in reversing the epidemic. There is simply no money to be made by persuading people that they can improve their health far more effectively simply by eating nutritious fruit and vegetables.

So this has to be a social operation which measures its success by how many people we help avoid having a limb amputated or going blind from diabetes. (Which on a global basis is about one very twelve seconds).

Details on how to make Gbiota beds the system are available, free of charge for home growers while commercial growers are expected to make a small contribution to help cover the cost of providing freely available public education on the benefits of incorporating nutrient rich fruits and vegetables into their diet.

We do ask all people who benefit from the Gbiota project to help by sharing information with there contacts and friends on our website and social media.

Not just any old fruit and veg


There may be divergent views on diet from low carb, low fat, paleo, keto etc but there is virtually unanimous agreement that we should be eating more fruit and vegetables. But any old vegetables is not good enough, they must contain essential nutrients and biology to support our health.

Humans are complex creatures and we need a wide range of minerals over and above what plants need. Iron (the blood mineral), zinc (the sex mineral), magnesium, (the control mineral), selenium, (the anti oxidant mineral), chromium (the sugar control mineral), iodine (the brain mineral) and many more.

Plants simply don’t need this wide range of minerals so it is perfectly possible to grow perfectly good looking vegetables which appear to be healthy but are missing crucial minerals. It is not just possible it is now normal.

Much of the fruit and vegetables for sale may look fantastic, just as though they had come from a machine in a modern factory, but they are simply blown up to look good with synthetic fertilisers and are lacking the essential minerals.

Our intelligent control system


The human body has a highly sophisticated intelligent control system, made from trillions of cells in our guts and head communicating with each other like some super computer.

We are only just beginning to understand how sophisticated this super computer really is but we do know it is continuously comparing the various needs of our body with what is available.

If it detects a deficiency it sends us a message saying we are hungry – go and eat. If it detects a serious deficiency it can create powerful food craving which are incredibly difficult to resist, even with the strongest will power.

Modern food is high in sugar and fats but low in essential nutrients, so when we get these signals we end up with far more fat and sugar in our bodies than we need but still have food cravings as we can still be deficient in some essential trace element.

Our bodies are all different but many people bodies will store the unwanted fats and sugars in the wrong places – the fat in the wrong places diseases of diabetes, obesity (which leads to heart attacks) and dementia which have now reached epidemic proportions affecting billions of people across the globe.

Food cravings


Many people have found this out for themselves, they prowl around the house thinking they are starving looking for something to eat but not quite sure what.

Eventually they find something, a peanut butter sandwich, a few nuts, something salty and there hunger carvings just disappear.

The diet industry is always telling us to count calories and cut back on the bad foods, yet we are fatter than ever. They are solving the wrong problem which is a lack of essential nutrients, get these from nutrient rich vegetables and the bodies intelligent controls system takes over and food cravings simply just disappear.


Gbiota beds


That what Gbiota beds are all about, supplying food which will create the right conditions for the good bugs in our guts so we full satisfied and don’t suffer from food cravings which will lead to us overeating on the typical high sugar and fat foods.

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