Continuous blood sugar monitoring


Welcome to my site which I created after some thought creating experiments. My wife, Xiulan, a medical doctor, was having severe problems with her diabetes (see mission) so we fitted here with a continuous blood sugar monitor to look for connections between her blood sugar levels, her food and anything else which could be relevant.

As expected certain foods raised blood sugars but what caused the real spikes and lows was stress levels. Even experimenting with intermittent fasting caused a spike when she felt hungry, conversely a low tempo walk in the park to watch the ducks in the lake lowered levels but it was more than the exercise, even paying mahjong helped. So what was going on?

We have known of the importance of gut biology for a long time but we are only just beginning to understand that gut biology is more than a collection of many different species of bugs but that these bugs communicate with each other to create an intelligent system. We see similar intelligence with ants and bees where they communicate with their neighbours to form swarm intelligence.

Our guts are a genuine brain which communicates with our head brain to act as an intelligent control system for our bodies. We don’t store fat which leads to diabetes simply because we eat too much of the wrong sort of food but because our guts decide that we need to store food so we tend to overeat.

Health comes from a healthy gut which in turn comes from eating fresh food grown in a healthy living biologically active soil.

There are many farmers who fully understand the importance of soil biology, we call them regenerative farmers.

This web site contains many articles about health and gut biology but its main aim is to link people who value their health with these regenerative farmers so they can buy direct at a reasonable price.

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