Alternative food

There are a lot of people in the world and they eat a lot of food. Technology, primarily chemistry and mechanisation, has dramatically increased our food production to meet demand – but there has been two crucial but separate side effects.

Destruction of the soil

Soil is created by biological action but the wide spread use of chemicals and mechanisation is slowly but persistently destroying the soil on which human life depends.

There is a rapidly growing number of farmers who are very sensitive to this destruction and are now adopting regenerative farming, however in the short term it is inevitably more expensive which puts financial pressure on adopters of regenerative agriculture.

The non infectious disease epidemic
Diabetes and obesity have now reached epidemic proportions, the real problem is in the side effects of going blind, amputations, heart attacks, strokes and dementia.

The root cause is again biological. Our guts, with trillions of cells which communicate with each other and our main brain have intelligence which act as a control system for our bodies. We don’t get fat simply because we eat too much – it is the other way round – our control system becomes compromised from lack of essential nutrients or toxic chemicals so instructs our bodies to store excess fat so we end up eating more.

If you are on the road to becoming a blind cripple and appreciate that health starts in the soil money is not the issue.

The solution to the two separate camps
So we have the two groups – farmers who want to adopt regenerative agriculture and consumers who are not too keen on becoming blind cripples and appreciate that health starts in the soil.

In the internet age the solution is obvious – link together the farmers who want to adopt regenerative farmers with consumers who are not to keen on becoming blind cripples.

That is precisely the point of the web site. Farmers have their own individual page where they can display their farming practices, which are open to scrutiny so there is confidence in the system, post what product they have for sale while consumers can buy directly from these regenerative farmers at prices which are fair to both. So if you are a regenerative farmer why not visit the web site and create your own post and start trading.

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