Gbiota – health starts in the soil

Humans are by far the most successful animal on earth for the simple reason we have tools (technology) and we form cooperative societies.

Some million or so years ago humanoid creatures survived by throwing stones at attacking lions. Throwing stones may not sound much of a technology but we are the only animal that can do it effectively. (OK our cousins the chimps can throw stones but not with the accuracy to hit a lion on the nose – ever seen a chimp play cricket?)

But one person throwing stones would be totally useless – it requires a group of people to create a coordinated barrage of flying stones to to make the lions give up and nick off.

How come we all managed to coordinate together? Was it instructions from the leader or may be a financial incentive like a tax break? I think not – it is the result of the most pronounced characteristics of humans – every individual person asked him or herself – “what sort of society do I want to live in – is it one where I get eaten by lions or I don’t get eaten my lions?”

Enough people thought that a society where people don’t get eaten by lions was a better society so they all worked together to throw stones and we survived.

That may have been a million years ago but the cooperative nature of humans has not changed.

But technology has not just dramatically changed but the rate of change of technology is higher than ever – and society is having problems adapting to this extreme change – our technological advances are not working for the benefit of society as they should.

My day job was technical innovation – I was selected by the Institute of Engineers as one of the top one hundred technical innovators for my innovations in computer aided engineering. I believe that those innovators luck enough to have the DNA which makes then successful innovators have a responsibility to ensure that it leads to improvement in society.

I like to think that my work on computer aided engineering led to improved products which made life better for people. But I now work on food, specifically how the way we grow our food affects our health – health starts in the soil.

And I have to say that the modern food industry is not benefiting society.

Manipulation of the truth is not unique to the food industry, the tobacco industry developed manipulating the truth to a fine art. Carefully selecting information which may in isolation actually be true while masking or discrediting information (or worse the scientists) showing the health hazards of tobacco, the use of false experts and generally confusing the debate.

The fossil fuel industry have used similar tactics to discredit climate change and t flooding the internet with false information at elections are yet more examples of manipulation of the truth to the detriment of society.

But manipulation of the truth about food is killing people on a scale we have never before experienced. After years of medical advances extending our lives we are dying younger than ever from chronic diseases, the fat in the wrong place diseases – diabetes, obesity and dementia are not just leading to earlier deaths they are making life miserable for millions of people. Every twelve seconds someone has a limb amputated from diabetes which is also the leading cause of blindness – being a blind cripple is not a lifestyle improvement.

Dementia is even worse, dribbling away on a blanket in a wheel chair, peeing and fouling your pants and having no idea who you, or your loved ones are, is not on many people bucket list as a way to end their life.

And these epidemics are man made – the result of addictive food and misinformation.

But is is no good whinging on about the negatives – we need positive solutions. And as usual the solutions are a combination of technology and social change.

The technology is the easy bit – there are literally thousands of studies on how diet can improve health from respected research institutions from around the world.

I have done my bit in the technology are by developing the Gbiota bed system to change gut biology which is key to resolving these health problems. Good and simple technology which is really productive, it is based on using a flood and drain cycle where the roots are flooded periodically with nutrient rich compost tea, full of the essential minerals and nutrients for health and free of toxic chemicals.

But having the technology itself is not enough, there has to be a social change so the question is how to create this essential social change?

The obvious solution is to hold rallies outside parliament with slogans written on cardboard placards. This wont do any harm but is unlikely to have much affect against the power of the multinational corporation who have vested interest in the current system, with highly refined manipulation strategies and holding so much power.

The solution which will work is the power of the wallet. It simply need a social movement where local groups decide they want to eat healthy food and are prepared to commit the time to learning the basic of how food affects their health and appreciate that health starts in the soil.

They then have three options

– if they have land they can set up their own Gbiota bed

– if they have cooking skills they can buy directly from commercial growers who have set up Gbiota beds

– they can go to a local cafe or restaurant who buys directly from commercial growers with Gbiota beds and who have the culinary skills to make the food taste and look good.

After reading the information on these web pages the next step in creating this social change is to join the Biofoodie face book page.

A Biofoodie is the name we have coined for people who want to eat food grown in nutrient rich, biologically active soil in a Gbiota bed.