Gbiota beds for gut health

Who doesn’t love ice, cream, pizza, cheese cake, chips and all that yummy food?

We actually need the sugar and fats in these foods so they are not intrinsically unhealthy – the problem is we simply eat too much of them – but why?

We have an intelligent control system which for millions of years has regulated what and how much food we eat without any issues – but now we eat far more energy foods than we need – so what has gone wrong?

You can read many articles on diet and health on our sister web site but essentially we need a balance of energy, regeneration and gut food.

Our intelligent control system senses the lack of balance and sends signals to eat more. The biology in our guts is the root cause.

We end up with too many sugar loving bugs which makes us eat more far more sugary food than we need.

We can readily change our gut biology – our Gbiota – by diet, eating food grown in nutrient rich biologically active soil.

But easier said than done, we need to shift the balance in our Gbiota but these sugar loving bugs are giving us food cravings.

So we have teeming up with local cafes who really know how to make the needed healthy food taste really good.

They buy produce directly from the growers and make sure it is grown to Gbiota standards.

This Gbiota food really helps the healthy bugs grow and take over from the sugar loving bugs which will stop the sugar cravings but the sugar loving bugs will not take kindly to that.

Tasty food certainly is key but it takes more than that, to swap our gut biology we need to starve the bad sugar loving gut bugs and feed the healthy bugs. It takes some three weeks to swap our gut bugs but that can be a pretty rugged time.

So our friends at the the local Cafe will do more than serve you delicious and healthy breakfasts and lunch, they will talk to you and advice on the beneficial foods but at the cafe you can meet up with other people who are doing exactly what you are doing and going through the same temporary, but difficult change.

The is nothing like being part of a group to keep up your spirits and help you overcome the food cravings.



We can even give you a little badge to wear to help you through the change.