Why we should feed our gut brain

gut brain connectionOur gut has trillions of cells made up from thousands of species.

But this is much more than trillions of dumb cells to form our gut brain – these cells communicate with each other and our head brain to form an intelligent control system.

This manages our bodies controlling appetite, replacing aging body part and hosting our immune sytem.

This is what the gut biota (Gbiota) project is all about.

This web site shows how home growers can set up and manage their own Gbiota bed to grow gut brain food, (Gbiota food), and ecourages people to form local buying coops so if they don’t want to grow their own Gbiota food they can buy,  at an affordable price, from regenerative farmers.

If you may be interested in setting up your own buying group please contact me here

Our gut brain does three very important jobs,

– it control our appetite so we have enough energy but don’t overeat

– it manufactures the complex chemicals we need to replace our body parts as they age

– they host much of our immune system so protect us from pandemics

Our guts are really important for our health. Our gut biology has evolved over millions of years and originates from the soil.

Soil biology

soil biologySoil is formed by microbiology breaking down rocks and is continuously circulated as plant grow, die and decompose back into soil. This totally depends on micro-biology and the soil creatures particularly the worms. The natural process of making soil is slow and in the last fifty years has been replaced by chemical industrial farming which has increased productivity but dramatically lacks this essential biology which leads. Many of the chemicals used are claimed not to harm us but they certainly harm the soil biology.

Trace minerals

These early soils were rich in a wide range of minerals which both we and the plants need for health. But plants are much simpler than us so there are many minerals which we need but plants either do not need or only need in very small amount.

Chemical industrial agriculture replaces the minerals such as N, P, K which the plants need for growth but there is no economic pressure on farmers to replace the trace minerals like chromium, iron, zinc, selenium, iodine which are essential for our health.

Modern industrial farming

modern agModern industrial farming may be productive but has meant that our intelligent control system senses that we are lacking key biology and minerals so creates food cravings which has led to a major health epidemic of chronic diseases, obesity, diabetes dementia

Gbiota beds

multi boxGbiota beds developed by studying the way soil I formed in the natural world but dramatically accelerate the process, instead of taking decades to make healthy soil it can be created in months. It is based on taking organic waste, manures, trace minerals, worms and very careful control of the moisture level.

It is relatively simple and is already widely used by home gardeners. The technology is described in the growing section on this web and is the subject of continuous development and improvement.

I am just too busy

too busyThere are many people who would like to enjoy the benefits of eating Gbiota food but either don’t have the time, land, skills or interest in growing their own Gbiota food.

At this moment you just cannot go out and buy Gbiota food but there is a catch 22 situation. There are many growers who are passionate about regenerative farming but they still have to pay the bills and for that they need steady and reliable customers. That is where community supported agriculture CSA and the Gbiota club comes into play.

Community Supported Agriculture

groupPeople who want to buy Gbiota food can form a group, when there are sufficient number in the group it is easy to find local regenerative farmers who would be happy to make their own Gbiota beds as long as they know there is a stable market.

This just need one or a few people to start a group and then recruit enough members to create the stable market.

I can supply the technical support in setting up the Gbiota beds while the group leaders can organise the group with the appropriate structure to pay the growers as part of a buying cooperative.

This is not just economic for both the growers and the buyers but also supports the regenerative agriculture movement, store carbon in the soil which is part of the process of ensuring that our grand kids and their grand kids have a future on this planet. This desire to protect the future of our species from myopic thinking for profit can be a power motivator.

Join the club by registering

The first step is to join the Gbiota club by registering, information will be treated in confidence but you will be shortly be able to join chat groups on the gbiota.club website.

Our immediate interest is in finding people who may be willing to act as group leaders.

Read more here community-supported-agriculture