Grow Plant for gut health – we show you how

Step 1

Read this introduction and My Teddy and the The great food war

This will explain that our understanding of the gut is the most important development in medical science since Antibiotics. We should all be enjoying a longer and healthier life but while our life span is holding steady our health span is decreasing.

You don’t have to do anything but read and think.


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How we will survive

hunter gatherersHumanoids have been on this planet for over a million years. Survival has been a battle – getting enough food to eat, ferocious wild animals and worst of all infectious diseases. But we triumphed and are the most successful creature on earth.

There were several species of these early humanoids but only one species survived – us.

But now in modern times, there are two variants – the exploiters, the Macho men who believe that the natural world is to be conquered and subject to man’s will and the recyclers who believe that humans are part of the natural world and their future lies in cooperating with nature.

Which variant will survive? Food will be the battle-ground. At this moment the exploiters are dominant from the short-term benefits of an abundant supply of energy food.

chronic diseasesBut success has led to its own challenges, See My Teddy our food system may be highly sophisticated but it relies on exploiting the earth’s natural resources which are rapidly being depleted and is deficient in essential beneficial microbes and nutrients for a healthy life leading to an epidemic of chronic diseases.

Over fed but undernourished.

See The Great Food War

But we are not a wimpish creature, we are smart, cooperative and prepared to fight for what is right. We can create a sustainable food system and overcome the modern epidemics of obesity, diabetes, heart attacks and dementia.

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Later, when you have learned more about the Gbiota movement by becoming a full member here.


Feed your gut-brain

Your gut-brain has intelligence and decides how much fat to store by controlling what and how much you want to eat and also regulates much of your immune system.

But you have to feed it gut-brain food for it to work effectively.

Here’s how.

Breed beneficial microbes in living soil, they enter the plants which you eat and form your Gut Biota.

There is nothing new about this, it has evolved over millions of years and we know it works because we are alive now.

But there are also harmful microbes which make us sick or even kill us.

What is new is applying the principles of Eco-balance to create the conditions so the beneficial bugs out breed and out compete the harmful bugs.

This is simply a question of controlling the moisture levels and nutrients to favour the beneficial microbes.

colin austinThis process was developed by Colin Austin,(yours truly) recognised as one of Australia’s leading innovators. It is simple and anyone can do it. The main inputs are organic waste and volcanic rock dust which are readily available and cost little and the plants that you grow cost less than so-called Fresh Food from the Supermarket so you actually save money.

I am a Woke green food activist

This is a phrase often used as an insult by non woke people. Well I am proud to be a woke green food activist.

So what does woke actually mean – this is the strict definition of woke.

aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues

or in plain language a person who cares about the society they live in and are prepared to act to make it better. I can’t see what is so bad about that.

I want to to change the food industry to grow food in a sustainable way so that people have food that will keep them healthy.

I cannot do this by myself – I need other woke green food activist to join me so we can make a difference to the world. I have four grand children and two great grand children. I want them to grow up in a world with real food.

Join me and make it happen.

The real cost is your time in learning how. We show you how on this web. You can read the early articles for free but you need to sign up. Then you have to make a decision about your health and subscribe when we can support you through your learning period.

It is your gut-brain, no one else’s. You decide whether you will invest the time in learning how to care for your health and your gut brain.

All we can do is show you how.

We have know for a long time that we have an intelligent control system that regulates our bodies. We can observe how it work but we really have very little idea of how it works (the coding behind the computer).

It is a complex subject and there are hundred of article on this site which can be overwhelming so to make it simple I have arranged the key articles into a series with a link to the next article at the bottom of each page.

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