Gbiota technology

The aim of the Gbiota project is to increase community health span by improving gut brain health.

In 1900 half of deaths were the result of infection, with progress in medical science and community hygiene that has now dropped to 3% with the non infectious diseases of heart attacks, strokes, dementia and particularly diabetes making up the bulk of deaths.

But health span, how long we remain fit and active, rather than life span may be a better measure. While life span has been steadily increasing (at least until recently) health span has not seen that improvement

Blue zoneThis is in direct contrast with people in the blue zones who not only live to a ripe old age but are fit and healthy until near the end.

Modern diseases are caused by excess fat clogging up critical organs like the pancreas so it could no longer produce insulin in the case of diabetes or in our arteries or brains causing heart attacks, strokes and dementia.

Paradigm shift

The conventional wisdom or paradigm is that we store excess fat because we eat too much sugary fatty foods and the solution is to simply restrict calories.

The focus on simple calorie restriction is an outdated paradigm based on thinking of our gut in terms of chemistry and biology – the new thinking sees the gut as part of our intelligent control system.

Thinking of our gut brain as an intelligent control system shows it would do two things when faced with a simple calorie restriction, in the short term it would minimise energy expenditure to save calories and in the longer term, when food became available it would do everything it could to store fat which is not what we want.

That is exactly what happens – so we need to ditch the old paradigm and move to the new paradigm of learning how to manage our intelligent control system.

We store excess fat because our intelligent control system is not working properly.

Changing our intelligent control system

We can change our gut biome which we know is an integral part of our intelligent control system and that is easily done by changing what we eat.

Until fifty years ago we ate food that was full of the beneficial microbes which our intelligent control system needs, the snag was that while our food may have been full of the beneficial microbes it also tended to be full of dangerous microbes which may not have set out to kill us but often got it wrong – so they did.

Clearly what we need to be able to do is to grow some of our food so it is full of the beneficial microbes but without the harmful ones which killed off our predecessors.

That is not so difficult – it is simply a question of managing the conditions so the beneficial microbes simply out breed and out compete the harmful ones.

We seem to be in luck as it seems that the harmful ones only become effective when they reach a certain level.

Flood and drainBeneficial microbes need a combination of water, air and nutrients and that means the soil should be moist with the water level rising and falling to suck air into the soil, partial flood and drain. The harmful ones breed when the soil becomes saturated for a period of time.

The Gbiota technology is about breeding beneficial microbes to power our gut brain by growing plants which act as pre and pro biotics.

It is not about selling high prices pre and pro-biotic pills it is simply about growing and eating plants grown in soil teaming with beneficial microbes and nutrients which is not expensive so anyone can access this technology.



Just grow your own plants to feed your gut brain.

Almost anyone, even if living in a flat and with no time or growing experience, this web site shows how.s

Start by going to Gbiota news and see the latest post like People over profits and Real and Fantasy


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