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The Gbiota movement is communities setting up a local food networks to enhance gut biology.

They recycle waste food and organic material to create soil in ecological balance so the beneficial biology dominate.

 The aim is to create a community food system where people:

– particularly home gardeners and environmentally sensitive commercial growers, with the land, time and skills

– can process waste food and other organic waste into biologically active nutrient rich soil

– which can be loaded into Gbiota boxes, which they seed and grow

– and when ready, distribute to their community who do not have the land, time or skills to grow their own food.

– they can then harvest the plants fresh and receive the health benefits of eating fresh Gbiota food.

The Gbiota club helps to form local community groups to recycle food and organic waste into nutrient rich biologically active soil to grow plant to feed our gut Biota.

Our gut contains trillions of cells comprising thousands of species which communicate with each other, like in a super computer, to form and intelligent system which controls our appetite so we eat the right amount of the right sort of food, generates the complex chemicals which replace our body parts as they wear and age and hosts and trains much of our immune system.

Modern food produced by chemical industrial agriculture may be hygienic but it lacks this essential nutrients and biology and leads to a range of modern diseases such obesity, heart attacks, dementia, allergies and food sensitivities.

Our gut biota is formed early in life from the food our mum ate before birth and what she fed us while kids – what mum ate really affects our future life.

Eating plants grown in nutrient rich biologically active soil increases the chances of living a long and healthy life and leads to a fully sustainable food system. The Gbiota club is for people who want a healthy Gut Biota from eating plants grown in soil loaded with beneficial biology and minerals.

Membership types

We have three types of members

– members that want the minimum of fuss and just want to have Gbiota boxes delivered to their door with plants already growing ready for harvesting

– members that have the space and skills to prepare the soil which is essential for growing Gbiota food and are willing to set up a community service supplying boxes with the plants ready for harvesting to other members in their local area on a subscription basis

– members who just want to grow Gbiota food for their own use but are prepared to promote the health benefits of eating Gbiota food and joining the Gbiota club to their friends and contacts.

The Gbiota club itself does not make or sell any products, its role is to develop and promote the technology and bring people together for their mutual benefit.

We have a particular focus on mums as the most important section of the community needing a healthy gut for them, and their kids. While gut biota can be changed at any point in life it is established early in life.

Humans have gone backwards

YanomamiWith the development of DNA sequencing we have been able to study gut biota and the news is not good – we have gone backwards. Tribes eating traditional food and people living in the blue zones, where they are fit and healthy in their late nineties and beyond have a far healthier gut biota than we do with our modern diet.

We need to ask why – the simple answer is our modern diet but that is not the real answer, there is an even more important question to ask. We are the most successful creature on the planet – why?


Humans are the dominant creature on earth for two reasons – we are innovative and naturally cooperative. There is no other creature that forms complex societies where individuals contribute to society according to their abilities.

But not all individuals are cooperative – there are a few that put their desire for power and money ahead of the community. Concentration of the power of technology by Neo-monoplist mega organisations are threatening the very basis of our society.

Unfortunately, this is also very true of food, where we are destroying the soil on which life depends and our diet is lacking the biology and minerals essential for our health.

Why humans are so successful

We are certainly not the strongest, fastest creature on the planet. We are smart but so are other animals like Chimps, Elephants and dolphins. The real reason for our success is we are naturally a cooperative species – we share information and skills and pass this information on from generation to generation until our skills and information have totally eclipsed every other animal.

Cooperation is built into our DNA – look at any crisis and people will risk their lives to help other people, we are naturally a cooperative species – that is what makes us human – or at least most of us.

So what went wrong?

con manIn our early history we, that is everybody, was totally dependant on our tribe for survival. But as we developed ever more sophisticated technology a new cult of competition appeared and a few individuals took advantage of this and were able to accumulate power and money on an unprecedented scale – and the more money and power they accumulated the more money and power they wanted.

It led to states which became aggressive  and global corporations which just focused on profits rather than benefits to the community.

In the world of food this led to food full of sugars, fats and carbs so we became less healthy and particularly our gut biota deteriorated. Our gut is our second brain which controls many of our body functions, particularly digestion, appetite control, the manufacture of complex chemicals to replace our parts as they age and our immune system.

The Gbiota club and cooperation

The Gbiota club is not some global mega corporation seeking power and money, we believe in cooperation for the benefit of the community.

We want to see local people, may be retired couples or people who just like messing around in their garden who have a bit of land, growing  Gbiota soil which they put into Gbiota boxes and seed so a mum living a few streets away, maybe in an apartment, can have fresh Gbiota food growing on their window ledge.

We are no Luddites opposed to technology, exactly the opposite, we are innovators but we want the technology to work for the benefit of the community – not just to make a few rich people even richer.


We can solve this problem by setting up a community-based food system where the local people work together to grow and distribute food, particularly the gut food which is missing from our modern diet.

Getting started

The first step is to read the ‘How to’ key blogs on this site, then register as a Gbiota Club Member and receive notification of all new ‘How to’ blogs – this is a fast moving project.

The Gbiota technology


green wasteGut biology starts in the soil by breeding beneficial biology both in the soil and inside the various creatures, particularly worms, that live in the soil. The microbes enter the plants and finally us when we eat the plants so the plants are natural pre and pro biotics.

There are a staggering number and species of microbes in the soil – some beneficial some harmful. The Gbiota technology is to create the conditions where the beneficial biology will out breed and out compete the harmful biology by creating conditions which favour the beneficial biology – ecological balance.

In practise this means food and moisture level.

The key input is simple – organic, particularly kitchen waste, but critical minerals and inoculants are also needed. Moisture level must be tightly controlled – not too wet and not too dry – just right or Goldilocks moisture.

The cirular society

All members collect their waste food and organic material for the growers to turn into nutrient rich biologically active soil in full scale in ground Gbiota beds. This soil is then loaded into the special Gbiota boxes which are seeded and the plants grown ready to harvest. Their customers receive these boxes with the living plants which they harvest fresh as needed.

This is a very different system to buying from the Supermarket where plants deteriorate during transport and storage.

All they have to do is use the external water reservoir to water the plants using the flush and drain system which is key to the Gbiota process for gaining gut health.

This typically operates on a subscription basis but this is between the grower and customer.

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Join the Gbiota club by registering here, we publish posts on a regular basis and if you click the icon at the bottom of any post you will be notified of a new post by email.

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You are welcome to chat with other members through our social media page and group .

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